• Name: Joe Del Vicario

    Year: Senior

    Major: History and Political Science

    City Lights has many skins. It's a business that offers students free coffee and a safe environment for them to work in. It's a center of faith for the local Binghamton community. It's also the site of intense chess duels over sips of espresso. For me, City Lights is my second home. I have spent many early mornings and late nights here as a student. It's easy to get stressed by the responsibilities that come with being a college student. However, the workers here knew how to put a smile on my face with a great cup of coffee or a quick conversation. To show my gratitude for City Lights' altruism towards the Binghamton community and me, I chose to volunteer my time here and continue their mission of making great coffee and putting smiles on the faces of those who most need it.

  • NameLyndsey Petrofsky

    Year: Senior

    Major: Marketing and Consulting

    There's no place like City Light in downtown Binghamton. The atmosphere is amazing. The staff and volunteers are super nice and helpful. And hey, who can complain about free coffee! Volunteering here is amazing. I've never worked at a coffee shop before, but everyone is really friendly and eager to help you learn the ropes. Jokes are always being cracked, and I'm always in a better mood after my shift.

  • Name: Elise Berk

    Year: Senior

    Major: Management Information Systems and Marketing

    The vibes at City Light make it stand out the most. No where else can I find a more chill and comforting environment to study or just hang out. Additionally, the (free) coffee and espresso shots are amazing!

  • Name: Rob Castriota

    Year: Senior

    Major: Finance with a Minor in Economics and Global Studies

    City Light is the perfect place for students and locals to hangout, catch up on school work, and meet new people. I have had the pleasure of volunteering there once a week and it is an incredible experience. I get to help a good, moral organization, make my fellow students delicious drinks, and meet all new types of people. I would recommend City Light to anyone I know. There is not a place in Binghamton that I know of that is more welcoming!

  • Name: Lynn Edwards

    Year: Junior

    Major: Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

    I love City Light because of the atmosphere is always so welcoming and kind. Students are made to feel comfortable and supported by those volunteering, by those involved in helping the space run, and by peers alike - It's my favorite place to study!!

  • Name: Sam Palladino

    Year: Senior

    Major: Marketing and Management Information Systems

    City Light is more than just a coffee shop to me. It's an incredibly inviting atmosphere where you can sit, have a cup of coffee with friends or study for hours on end. The people are humble and down to earth, they make you feel welcome. I have loved getting to hang out and study here and will miss it so much when I graduate.